7 km. After Stoupa on the road to Kalamata, is Kardamyli, a picturesque village immersed in Istoria.Apo port where once sailed the ancient Spartans and Agamemnon that included the village in cities that would give as dowry to Achilles, to the old town where Kolokotronis and his men began the revolution in 1821. nowadays Kardamili has been developed. In the modern village will find traditional accommodation, restaurants, cafes etc. Guests are able to enjoy the beauty of the place, to visit the old town and wander the ruined towers.


agios nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos

2.5 km. after Stoupa on the road to Areopolis, stands the village of St. Nicholas. Pausanias compares this village with ancient Pefno, one of the kingdoms of Tyndareus, father of Helen. Agios Nikolaos or Selinitsa, has developed around the picturesque harbor, which was once a large commercial hub. Today moored fishing boats and if anyone found there early in the morning will have the opportunity to drink coffee, watching the local fishermen coming back from fishing and will be able to buy fresh fish.